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The Evening Bulletin with Perry Michael Simon

Mar 30, 2018

A New Jersey school district is making up for an extra snow day with Saturday classes. What a waste. (Source: WCBS-TV/New York)

Mar 29, 2018

Research indicates that women can tell the quality of a beer better than men can. It's all in the nostrils. (Source: KYW/Philadelphia)

Mar 28, 2018

Some guys from Manchester, England started their Vegas partying well before they got to Vegas. They didn't get to Vegas. (Source: The...

Mar 27, 2018

Perth to London in 17 hours... nonstop. That's one long flight. And it sounds dreadful. (Source: The Guardian)

Mar 26, 2018

Stormy Daniels got delayed by basketball, and some people couldn't handle it.