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The Evening Bulletin with Perry Michael Simon

Jul 31, 2018

A study says that caffeine in the morning won't help you lose weight. You thought it would? Why? (Source: KYW-TV/Philadelphia)

Jul 30, 2018


An 11-year-old genius graduates from college. Let's hope this works out better than it did for other kid geniuses. (Source: WFLA-TV/Tampa)

Jul 27, 2018

Job seekers are ghosting prospective employers, not bothering to show up for interviews or respond to offers. The shoe's on the other foot now. (Source: USA Today)

Jul 26, 2018

A writer tried a Cell Phone Detox plan to break his smartphone addiction. It wasn't that effective. (Source: Washington Post)

Jul 25, 2018

An Uber and Lyft driver was streaming his rides without the passengers' consent. Everyone's watching you. (Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch)